"Anywhere, TX" TRAILER
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Trailer is up and close to 1,000 views...Let's push it over the edge!
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Email I just sent:

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful 2010 so far.
Now that the holiday madness has died down, we wanted to take a moment to update you on the status of "Anywhere, TX."

We are very excited to announce that as of today, the first cut of the movie is completed. We have now begun to trim and refine the content of the film, as well as incorporate sound, score, and ADR.
Although this means that the film will not be ready for SXSW2010, we have had several other thrilling opportunities presented to us. We will keep you posted as details develop.

The trailer will soon be available for all to watch - we hope you will join us in promoting, plugging, and being excited about it to your friends, family, and complete strangers!

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. We would love to hear from you.

Our warmest regards,

Melissa Swanepoel
Rey Garza

Today we watch the first cut through for the first time!

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So we are about to finish the first cut of the complete feature length movie!
That leaves:
Sound fixes,
Color Correction,
other details,
and credits.

It's a lot, but totally worth it.

In the meantime, I am editing the behind the scenes footage for extras in the final package.

Oh, and the trailer for the film is ready and done - now we just need to upload it, hopefully to a website....?
Who wants to see it?
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Check out our facebook page (and friend / fan us!) at BrokenMind Films:


There are pictures, too!

UPDATE: interviews and locations
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 You never know what what will lead to...
Bad English - good rule.

I just interviewed a PA potential today, and I think she'll make a great script supervisor. Not only that, she knows some places that might work for locations - pivotal locations we have yet to lock down for the film.
And principle photography starts in 32 days.

Other than that?

The HD camera ARRIVED yesterday! The single most important and expensive piece of equipment, and it arrived yesterday. What a rush!

Rey has been very busy playing with it and figuring out its intricacies, etc. I can't wait to see it in action with our car mount and steady cam and lights and sound, and, and - 

Getting the new camera both excites and worries me - it's real now, there's no turning back.
 This is gonna happen. We're going to make a feature.
Fuck yeah.

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We've begun meeting with actors one-on-one.
We had to recast Isabella - Kelsey didn't come across as excited and she was going to go away on vacation and show up the day before filming began.
Ashley should have been our first choice all along - excited, eager, friendly, and dedicated. I can only hope everyone else is as enthusiastic and psyched as she seems to be.

I'm constantly answering emails and setting up meetings and interviews and taking notes at said meetings and interviews. An assistant would be a dream come true, but we're not at that level yet.

We're trying to get Shiner to sponsor us with a little bit of cash for product placement. No news back from them yet - will have to contact them in the interim.

Wardrobe is going smoothly. Isabella's is the most difficult, followed by Jones'. Still need a black leather jacket and black cowboyish boots for him.
Still need tattoo makeup artist, etc...

Everytime I have a free moment, this list begins to run through my head.

And so on.
There's no business like show business...

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First post!

In the past couple of weeks, we have gotten equipment, some locations, and actors.

Pictures, links, and updates to come!


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